Every day, the number of users and consumers who not only demand great products and services but need them to be provided by companies with true purpose, increase. And while most brands has an inherent purpose – i.e. a higher one than making cash – it often needs to be extracted and thought about at length and detail.

The below stated services are often overlapping in a process best worked out in a scoping workshop as budgets, deadlines and other factors shall be considered. Spending 90% of the budget on design development is no good unless it is based on the proper strategic framework. And communication/marketing initiatives is never good unless the competition is thoroughly analysed. You get the drift.

Brand Audit

Thorough run-through of how a brand is doing in agreed/selected touch points as well as scoring against competitors, digital future-proofing and brand development recommendations.

Competition Mapping & Analysis

Deep and wide research of competition, insights and trend analysis leading to business development recommendations.

Brand, Content & Communication Strategies

Fundamental strategies in order to create successful brand/communication endeavours, both as solitary deliveries and running operations.

Business Innovation

Brand and digital product innovation within the arts, media and technology sectors.

Concept & Product Development

Brand, communication and digital product development – either from scratch or re-imagination of existing products and platforms.

Design Development

Positioned with the help of competition analysis and brand audit and corresponding to strategies, creation of design and brand guidelines.

Design & Creative Direction

Procuring, briefing and directing creatives parallel to harnessing in-house creative energy to launch and manage brand efforts, marketing campaigns and digital services.